Singapore Security Companies

Singapore Security Companies

Top Security Companies in Singapore

The Singapore market has become more competitive in recent years, which has prompted many private security firms to seek new opportunities. One of these is a joint venture. The advantages of this arrangement are obvious, but the costs are high as well. If you're a firm with an established presence overseas, this is a great option. If you're based in the country, however, you can partner with a Singaporean firm to cover the market.

Sovereign Security is a top Singaporean security firm that has been around for 21 years. Its founders are former police officers and the company is accredited by PLRD. Its mission is to offer comprehensive security solutions to its clients. Its team of ex-police officers is equipped with a wealth of knowledge and experience that helps it deliver exceptional services. The firm's goal is to be a global leader in the security industry and aspires to be the most trusted agency in Singapore.

APRO is a top-notch security provider in Singapore. The company has been accredited by SAS, FSMAS, and BizSafe, and offers comprehensive cybersecurity services. Its staff is highly trained, and the company's technology solutions are cutting-edge. It has worked on many major events and provides a wide range of safety services. Its staff is also well-trained and has extensive experience. The firm offers excellent customer service and is a leader in the field of security companies in singapore. Another top-notch security service provider is Metropolis. 

This company is a member of the Union of Security Employees and has been licensed by the Singapore Police Force Incorporated since 2002. It has a centralized command center and advanced video surveillance systems. Besides providing a full range of security services, Metropolis also provides comprehensive training to its employees.

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